Wether you're fighting a serious medical condition, or you're just looking for a radical body transformation, or health improvement, look no further, as here you will find all the possible tools necessary in achieving your goals.


I have created "Doctor Powder" as a means to help everybody in achieving their goals in general health improvement, as well as overall physical appearance , no matter how far they think are from reaching it at this moment. Nothing is impossible here.


I believe that each of us has been born with the potential to achieve great things in life, without exception. Wether we're talking about personal or professional achievements, each of us has what it takes to achieve greatness. It's really all about just having a solid plan, and to execute it consistently, every single day of your life in order to achieve, and to maintain results over time.

Currently, the world we're living in, sems to have evolved against the idea of us living a healthy life-style, and that reflects in the food we're eating, in the daily amount of stress we're dealing with, not to mention the level of polution we are enhaling on a daily basis, as well as the chemicals our body assimilates from processed foods and drinks. And as a result, we get sick, and fat, and eventually, we die way before we're supposed to. 


But it doesn't have to be that way. It's in your power to become healthy and fit, and following my guidelines will get you there. Don't allow anybody to discourage you. Have the courage to follow your vision, and to achieve your goals.


Years of personal development, in order to become the best possible version of myself. I am a life-time learner & self-improver


Years of research in targeted nutrition depending on goals and each individual's particular circumstances. I'm also a level IV certified nutrition technician


Years of personal training experience. I believe the body is the reflection of our mind and self-respect. Nobody will respect you more than you do


Year of challenging and fulfilling life. Everything I do, I do with passion and excitement. I believe we are the architects of our own life 

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